Ravelry Logos

Need a Ravelry logo for your website, blog, marketing materials, etc.? Grab the files below, but please be sure to review our usage guidelines!

Our primary logo
Our secondary logo, aka "Lumpy"

Usage Guidelines

Here are some usage guidelines so that we can ensure our logos look their best out in the wild!

  • 1

    Do not use Ravelry logos on merch
  • 2

    Do not use Ravelry logos to look like you work for or are affiliated with Ravelry
  • 3

    Only use Lumpy if the primary logo won’t fit wherever you’re putting it
  • 4

    Use the red version on top of green whenever possible
  • 5

    The clearspace around the logo should be at least equal to the width of the r character (see right)
Our main green color is
Our main red color is